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Want to design and sell your own club uniforms, spirit wear, and fundraising merchandise? Need to let your members easily register and pay online? Are your club events a labor-intensive nightmare? BoosterPro solves these and a lot of other challenges plaguing booster clubs, PTAs, and school groups. And did we mention it’s all FREE?

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A Complete Booster Club Solution


Every year booster clubs across the country give up tens of millions – yes, millions – of dollars worth of potential fundraising revenue because they outsource their uniforms, spirit wear, and other merchandise to outside vendors. BoosterPro lets you, your coaches, volunteers and supporters design your own gear, market and sell it with a healthy share of the revenue. We even take care of the production and fulfillment!


Create, publish, and promote events of every kind, including new sports seasons, fundraisers, galas, and more. Every event comes with a calendar, scheduler, and secure online payment system. Features include multiple event types, embedded calendar and start/stop times, repeat events, image and content editor, multiple participant support, embedded Google Maps, and secure payment processing.


Open your own club store stocked with thousands of items. A percentage of every sale goes to your club. You also can sell your own club-branded gear, spirit wear, and specialty merchandise. Features include thousands of pre-stocked items, custom categories, integrated shipping and tax calculators, SKU and other retailer supports, and detailed backend reporting.


Easily create online forms that allow club members, participants, volunteers and others to register themselves or others and make secure payments. Use these forms on your existing club site or as part of a new site. Features include multiple form types, medical questionnaires, multi-attendee/participant support, and encrypted financial processing with weekly funds disbursements.


“BoosterPro made it much easier to set up and manage our Little League fundraiser golfing event. The tools are easy to use and BoosterPro was very responsive in ensuring everything was working correctly.”




From the BoosterBlog

2103, 2017

7 Traits Behind the Best Coaches

Across any given year tens of millions of kids take to the playing fields and courts where they will fall under the guidance of coaches (more than 2.5 million of them), most of whom are volunteers, may be coaching for the first time, and have received no formal training (only 10 percent). Not surprisingly, many parents are keen on finding good coaches that not only will teach their kids how to play a particular sport, but who also can be trusted

2102, 2017

Why the Arts are Good for Kids on the Periphery

It's a challenge facing many parents: a child - more often than not, a son - who is more inclined to follow the pack rather than lead or chart his or her own course. If there is a circle of friends gathered, these kids are usually on the outside looking in. In the classroom, they're less likely to volunteer to answers (or ask) questions. And even in an activity in which they excel, they're less inclined to speak up or use their skills

602, 2017

Rules of Disengagement: How to Cut a Player

As kids move from the ‘all-in’ developmental house leagues of youth sports into the more competitive realms of travel leagues, AAU, high school, etc., cuts become an inevitable part of the process. How a child is cut is just as important as why they’re cut. For many kids, being cut from a team is the first such occasion where they get a taste of failure at something they enjoy (i.e. it’s not the same thing as scoring a poor mark

3001, 2017

Why Specializing in One Sport is a Really Bad Idea

A new study demonstrates rather conclusively that athletes who specialize in one sport are 70 percent more likely to suffer an injury during the season. Commissioned by the National Federation of High School Associations, the study adds still more ammunition to the argument kids should take time off from individual sports and/or also participate in different sports across the year rather than concentrate on just one. Conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine and Public Health, the study

2301, 2017

What Iceland Can Teach Us About Kids

Once ranked among the world's heaviest users of alcohol and drugs, Iceland's youth today are Europe's model for clean living. How Iceland achieved this remarkable turnaround could be a template for other nations struggling to keep their kids out of trouble. The story begins in 1992, when researchers asked virtually every child between the ages of 14 and 16 to complete a survey on their drinking, smoking and drug habits. The results were shocking. Nearly a quarter of the teens claimed


“BoosterPro has made it so nice and simple for us to become Gondos! Our migration from the old system was easy and your people have been wonderful to work with. Thank you!”