7 09, 2015

Booster Club Thefts Spur National Campaign

It's difficult to believe, but every year parent-volunteers steal enough money from booster clubs to cripple if not gut some of the sports, band, theatre and other activities those dollars were intended to support. The problem has become big enough that one organization is launching a nationwide campaign to raise awareness and push for greater financial controls within those same clubs. Before we go farther, let's set the record straight: 99.99% of parent-volunteers are to be commended for donating their time, efforts, expertise and money to make these clubs the success stories that they are. Unfortunately a few

31 08, 2015

Concussions Giving Youth Clubs a Headache

More than 200,000 kids have bailed out on football over the past few years because of growing concern by their parents over the dangers of 'mild traumatic brain injuries' more commonly known as concussions. And now Hollywood is about to release a new film with Will Smith showcasing the problem and the NFL's early efforts to hide the problem. For a growing number of parents, the risks are just too great, particularly when numerous studies confirm that repeated impacts to the head - even supposedly mild blows - can lead to long-term brain damage. Even body blows and

18 08, 2015

Does Your Booster Club Get an F in Technology?

Booster and school clubs perform an absolutely critical service not just to kids, but to their families, communities and, ultimately, the nation itself. Yet even as these clubs get the proverbial 'A for effort,' few get even a passing grade in terms of their online capabilities - and that's a problem because online is precisely where their members, participants, volunteers and supporters are (and have been for years now). We just stumbled across a quote from Team Insight magazine predicting that over the next few years more than 50% of the goods and merchandise sold to clubs, teams

17 08, 2015

Should Your Club Run a Store?

Booster clubs are among the most popular organizations in the country. As a volunteer you may not feel that at times, but in terms of participation and passion, yes, booster clubs are where Americans put a lot of their heart and soul. What this means is that most people support such clubs and are willing to give some cash to help - even if their own kids are no longer participating. Why? Because booster clubs are good for kids, good for communities and, ultimately, they're good for the nation. In short, a donation to a

17 08, 2015

Coming Soon: Gear and Spirit Wear Builder

We at BoosterPro are extremely excited to announce that this fall we will be launching a customized club gear builder. What does that mean? In short, it means our participating clubs will be able to start creating and selling uniforms, spirit wear, and other merchandise with their club logo and other artwork. Want to sell jerseys with players' names and numbers prominently on display? You'll be able to do it with the gear builder! Want to expand your club's brand awareness in the community by selling branded spirit wear to your players and supporters? Yep,

17 08, 2015

5 Advantages to Online Registrations

It's hard to believe that here in the 21st century so many booster clubs and school sites are still depending on PDF attachments, lawn signs, and spreadsheets for registering and managing their members. Fortunately, BoosterPro makes it possible for these clubs not only to modernize, but to do so with a minimum of effort or interruption to operations. Indeed, BoosterPro actually simplifies volunteers' lives by switching these normally labor-intensive, manual processes and shifting them online where they can be more easily (and cost-effectively) managed. There are a ton of advantages to using online registration forms,

17 08, 2015

3 Reasons Online Events Rock

If the soul of a booster club is its young participants and its heart the volunteers who help to manage things, it might be said that events are the muscle the power things. After all, booster clubs are built around events, be they games, tournaments, matches, productions, presentations, galas, fundraisers, and so on. In short, events are incredibly important to booster clubs. Yet all too often these clubs still depend on outdated modes for setting up, communicating and managing events. How often are season kick-offs and registrations still managed through lawn signs? How many volunteers

11 08, 2015

6 Reasons Kids Quit Clubs

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Left to their own devices, most kids will quit something the moment it becomes difficult, they are no longer having fun, or a shinier object comes along to distract them. Whether it's violin lessons, a sport, or Girl Scouts, kids can be quick to quit. Which begs the question: when should parents intervene? After all, quitting isn't always a bad thing. As career counselor and Quistic founder Penelope Trunk points out, allowing kids to make the decision to quit for the right reasons is an important step in the process of growing up and finding their own way.

4 08, 2015
  • basketball is #1 youth sport

10 Reasons Basketball is Kids’ #1 Sport

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Did you know that America's most popular youth sport is basketball? And that this applies to both boys and girls? In fact, basketball is now even more popular than hockey in Canada! According to ESPN and other sports organizations, more than 550,000 boys are playing on school teams alone (i.e. we're not including private and community-based clubs). Throw in the 450,000-plus girls and you've got more than a million kids playing school basketball. What makes these numbers especially impressive is how rigorous the selection process is for school basketball versus other sports (freshman football, for example, often

28 07, 2015

7 Reasons Kids Need Theatre

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Children are natural born actors. Watch them at play in the backyard, playground, or their bedrooms and you'll see kids using their vivid imaginations to invent new worlds and their roles in them. Theatre, drama classes, and acting in general are terrific for young minds eager to navigate and make sense of the world and their place in it. Besides the enjoyment of engaging in creative play, the dramatic arts provide many immediate and lifelong benefits for your child. Expanded Perception As a rule, actors must take on new personas that require them to speak,