Does Your Booster Club Get an F in Technology?

Booster and school clubs perform an absolutely critical service not just to kids, but to their families, communities and, ultimately, the nation itself. Yet even as these clubs get the proverbial ‘A for effort,’ few get even a passing grade in terms of their online capabilities – and that’s a problem because online is precisely where their members, participants, volunteers and supporters are (and have been for years now).

We just stumbled across a quote from Team Insight magazine predicting that over the next few years more than 50% of the goods and merchandise sold to clubs, teams and large sports organizations will take place online. That figure is astounding NOT because people will be buying online – virtually all of us already do that – but because so many clubs have remained stubbornly trapped in the past.

You know the clubs we’re talking about – they leave clues everywhere:

  • Lawn signs announcing the new season
  • PDF attachments you must download, print and mail in for registrations
  • Car washes, bake sales, and door-to-door solicitations for fundraising
  • Impossible to follow instructions for purchasing spirit wear that comes from a local t-shirt factory
  • Virtually no social media presence or capacity

The list goes on, but you get the idea. While the rest of the world has immersed itself in the online world, booster clubs still swim upstream with outdated, labor-intensive, poor-performing processes.

All of which is a shame because the tools not only are available, in cases like with BoosterPro, they’re completely free!

So what’s the problem? In booster clubs’ defense, most are managed almost entirely by volunteers who already have their hands full. And many of these volunteers understandably are involved only so long as their kids are – eventually they, like their kids, move on in life, leaving club management to a new generation of volunteers.

But here’s the thing: if the clubs make the commitment to online technology, they will actually free up time AND improve performance. In other words, booster club volunteers are overworked precisely because they cling to manual-time consuming processes.

Believe it or not, set up is usually fast and fairly painless – in some cases, you can set up, say, a club event complete with registration form, description, images, calendar and secure payment processing – in a few minutes.

Just as important, these clubs are missing out on enormous fundraising potential precisely because they are sending kids out to wash cars and sell cookies in front of grocery stores instead of reaching out to supporters where they already are (and where their credit cards are handy): online. Booster club supporters WANT to help their clubs (and, by extension, their kids) but those same clubs too often make it difficult for them to do so.

If your booster club is still operating in the Dark Ages, urge them to contact us for a free consultation (yes, our tools are free as well).

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