BoosterPro-Specific Questions

BoosterPro is a cloud based fundraising engine that helps booster clubs that support youth activities, PTAs and community groups more effectively raise funds and mange their members.

• Sell spirit wear, club gear & 1,000s of other items stocked by BoosterPro,
• Register members and collect fees,
• Sign up sponsors and sell advertisements,
• Collect one time and recurring donations, and
• Promote fundraising events and sell tickets.
BoosterPro also provides real time visibility of results.

There is no charge for set-up, training or support. If you elect to activate our online transaction management engine for donations, sponsorship, event registrations, or merchandise processing services for club store items, we charge a fee equal to 5% of the gross amount processed, plus applicable credit card processing charges.
Yes. BoosterPro uses its merchant account to process membership, sponsorships, club store sales and ticket sales and will charge through credit card fees at the rate of 2.75% on all transactions. BoosterPro does not charge credit card fees with respect to merchandise sales from items that it stocks.
No. Helping your organization manage information about its members is an important part of our business. BoosterPro is not in the business of selling your information to others. BoosterPro only uses your information to support the requirements of your organization.
BoosterPro employs technical and operational policies and procedures to ensure that sensitive data is secure and privacy is maintained. The following are some of the steps we take to ensure the security of our data:

• Data is backed up each day.
• Access is password protected.
• We encrypt all sensitive information sent to and from our servers.
• The servers are protected by firewalls and virus protection.

We use the secure payment gateway to safely process credit card transactions. is the largest payment gateway used by over 350,000 merchants. uses advanced fraud protection services to keep your money secure. BoosterPro does not collect or store financial information.
Our online application provides for acknowledgements by electronic signature. By typing in your name, and its representation as your signature in conformance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”), you acknowledge important rules and regulations related to participation in our programs. This online signature has the same effect as if you had printed these pages and signed them.
Today’s club volunteers and their younger participants are all accustomed to using online technologies and services to do just about everything. Yet booster clubs remain trapped in the past, using lawn signs, PDF attachments, print newsletters, physical sales, etc., to run their operations. BoosterPro modernizes ALL of these operations.
BoosterPro was designed for anyone to use. The tools themselves are easy, but we also include a Help Wizard to guide you through the early processes. And if you still need help we have phone and email support.
Your BoosterPro site comes with an easy to use dashboard that can be accessed from any Web-enabled computer or device. Just log in and start working!
We have provided services to a wide variety of organizations, but in a nutshell BoosterPro was specifically designed to support the efforts and operations of any community-based organization meeting the needs of kids – e.g. sports, theatre, band, dance, etc. Yes, BoosterPro even can be used for adult leagues and groups that depend on their members.
Yes! We are in the process of building additional tools and technologies that will further improve the operations of booster clubs, including a uniform builder for branded merchandise, corporate sponsorship manager, email communication tools, and social sharing for young people to tap into their own networks to join and support their clubs.
We earn a small percentage of any funds processed through our transaction engine, including membership fees, merchandise purchases, donations, and more. Ultimately, we share the risk with our customers – if you don’t make money, we don’t.
Yes, BoosterPro provides some free fundraising support services to help our clubs get started. We also offer fees-based consulting for more premium-style services. Please contact us to learn more.

Registration Forms

Use our intuitive form builders for ANY registration requirement (memberships, volunteers, participants, events, etc.) and then you can either use the BoosterPro registration form as part of your very own BoosterPro site, or simply add the URL/link to your own club website. It works in either instance exactly the same.
Our form builder comes pre-populated with groupings of standard fields. So, for example, the name grouping for a registrant includes a number of standard fields, including first and last name, mailing address, email, phone, etc. This means you can build and publish a form incredibly fast – as in a minute or two in some cases.
Absolutely. The form data groupings were there to streamline the form building process. But if there’s a field you don’t want, just delete. Similarly, if there are add’l fields you’d like to add to a grouping, just click and key in the field(s) you want.
BoosterPro comes embedded with a secure, encrypted transaction processing engine that makes collecting fees, donations, and other funds a snap. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything – the engine is already built into any form that requires a payment.
The form-builder and every other BoosterPro tool is absolutely free to setup, customize and use. The only fees are for transactions processed through the system. Which means we don’t make any money unless you do! And our share is very small. How much? BoosterPro takes just 5% of any transaction, an incredible bargain given the enormous investment we’ve made in the technology. And any tools that don’t use transaction processing are still absolutely free.
BoosterPro was built to scale, meaning that a club can choose to use individual applications like an event calendar, store, or registration form all by themselves – you can even use those tools strictly within your own website. But many clubs’ websites are outdated or difficult to maintain. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too, because you can just as easily set up BoosterPro as your own club website, complete with your own branding, logo, colors, etc.

Event Manager

BoosterPro’s Event Manager lets you set up virtually any kind of event that meets the needs of booster clubs, school programs, and similar organizations. Need to kick off a new season registration process? Our comprehensive system even includes detailed medical questionnaires. Want to host a fundraising event? In just minutes you’ll have a link to share with your supporters. With the BoosterPro Event Manager you are limited only by your imagination.
The Events Manager includes a calendar tool and scheduler to let your supporters when registration starts and stops right down to the minute.
Yes. As with all BoosterPro tools, you can use them as embedded links in your own club website or use BoosterPro as your dedicated event site. Everything works exactly the same.
Like all our tools, BoosterPro’s Events Manager is absolutely free. The only charge is in the event that you collect fees through the system and even then, we only collect 5%.
Yes, the Events Manager is designed to let your club not only customize it with your own logo and colors, but also to include information about the event, images, sponsorship information and more. Our Events Manager also includes a Google Maps application to let people know where the event is located.
Yes, our Events Manage includes a Google Maps application that automatically pulls the event address you enter and populates a driving map for your event participants.

Club eStore

The BoosterPro eStore comes pre-stocked with a variety of merchandise from vendors that have agreed to share a portion (at least 20%) of the sales revenue with participating clubs. That means that anything sold in your store instantly benefits your club.
We are constantly on the search for new and innovative merchandise that might be of interest to our participating clubs and their members. If you have ideas for merchandise please contact us – we’d love to hear your ideas!
Yes, clubs can easily set up custom departments to sell their own merchandise, including club gear, uniforms, spirit wear and more. Even more exciting, BoosterPro soon will be launching a gear-builder that will allow your club to create branded merchandise for any or all activities and members.
The BoosterPro eStore comes equipped with a secure financial transaction engine for processing credit card purchases. Club administrators receive a check for their revenues every two weeks.
BoosterPro charges just 5% for any transaction processed through its system. Everything else is entirely, 100% free.
As soon as you launch your store – which takes just minutes – you will have a URL (Web link) that you can list on your existing club website or send to your supporters in an email or print mailing. Or, you can use other BoosterPro tools to create a complete website, including your store. It’s entire your choice.

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BoosterPro Facts and Figures

Booster Club Participants 2015

The number of school-aged children expected to participate in some form of extracurricular activity across the United States in 2015.

Items in BoosterPro Store

The number of pre-stocked items in our participating clubs’ eStores. We are constantly adding new merchandise that will appeal to club members and supporters.

Participants w/ Access to Our Store

This is roughly the number of current club participants with access to the BoosterPro store either through their relationship with a BoosterPro partner or as a club client.