3 Reasons Online Events Rock

If the soul of a booster club is its young participants and its heart the volunteers who help to manage things, it might be said that events are the muscle the power things. After all, booster clubs are built around events, be they games, tournaments, matches, productions, presentations, galas, fundraisers, and so on.

In short, events are incredibly important to booster clubs.

Yet all too often these clubs still depend on outdated modes for setting up, communicating and managing events. How often are season kick-offs and registrations still managed through lawn signs? How many volunteers still wrestle with phone registrations, print mailers, and spreadsheets?

An online event makes life significantly easier for all involved, including the club administrators who must run things and registrants who simply want to sign up, pay, and know where and when.

Online registrations solve all these problems through these three fundamental improvements:

<strong>1. Convenience</strong> – Registrants can use an office computer, tablet or smartphone to register for your event as soon as they hear about it. This means if you send out an email with the link, they can register right then and there. Studies show that registrant results skyrocket when someone is able to register the minute they hear about an event. Don’t make ’em wait, put your events online.

<strong>2. Utility</strong> – It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t use a navigation tool of some kind to find locations. An online event can include an embedded map that makes it possible for your attendees to find the location from wherever they are, including their car.

<strong>3. Cost-Effective</strong> РOnline events are fast, easy to setup, informative, and ultimately save clubs money and time, especially when compared to convention, labor-intensive systems.

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