5 Advantages to Online Registrations

It’s hard to believe that here in the 21st century so many booster clubs and school sites are still depending on PDF attachments, lawn signs, and spreadsheets for registering and managing their members.

Fortunately, BoosterPro makes it possible for these clubs not only to modernize, but to do so with a minimum of effort or interruption to operations. Indeed, BoosterPro actually simplifies volunteers’ lives by switching these normally labor-intensive, manual processes and shifting them online where they can be more easily (and cost-effectively) managed.

There are a ton of advantages to using online registration forms, but the Big 5 are:

<strong>1. Fast -</strong> One of the reasons people don’t like joining booster clubs is the manual process of downloading and opening a PDF, filling out the form and mailing it in. An online form does away with all that, easily letting registrants key in their information from a computer or even a smartphone.

<strong>2. User Friendly</strong> – Once someone registers, the system remembers him or her and subsequent registrations can be managed even faster since much of the information can be pre-populated and registrants are asked only to confirm their data.

<strong>3. Accuracy -</strong> Translating content from a print document to a database is fraught with error. By allowing your members to register themselves you greatly reduce errors.

<strong>4. Convenient</strong> – Your members, participants, attendees and others can register from anywhere at any time – the Web is with us 24/7 these days. Not so print flyers and lawn signs.

<strong>5. Management</strong> – Creating one centralized database makes it infinitely easier for club administrators and volunteers to keep track of registrants, communicate with them, ensure payments have been made, and more. Do away with paperwork once and for all and use online forms!

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