Should Your Club Run a Store?

Booster clubs are among the most popular organizations in the country. As a volunteer you may not feel that at times, but in terms of participation and passion, yes, booster clubs are where Americans put a lot of their heart and soul.

What this means is that most people support such clubs and are willing to give some cash to help – even if their own kids are no longer participating. Why? Because booster clubs are good for kids, good for communities and, ultimately, they’re good for the nation. In short, a donation to a booster club is a donation in America. Might sound hokey or overly patriotic, but it’s true.

Yet most booster clubs still depend on outdated, labor-intensive, poor-performing fundraising tactics that too often leave them in a feast or famine mode of operation. Funds pour in during, say, registrations for a new season; but suddenly there is a new financial need (required gear, equipment or infrastructure decays or fails) and the club literally must go begging for help.

An eStore is an innovative, attractive path to fundraising that eliminates the feast-or-famine cycle (it’s online, therefore open 24/7/365) and provides club supporters with a more attractive option for giving (i.e. they buy something they want and as part of that transaction make a ‘donation’ to the club). Furthermore, the participating vendor may lose money on that transaction, but longer term they potentially land a new customer.

In short, it’s a win-win-win.

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