How it works

BoosterPro is a set of free online tools to help you grow, manage and fund your club. Use one tool or use them all.

Here’s how it works.


Club Gear Builder allows you to create and sell club-branded uniforms, spirit wear, and other speciality merchandise. T-shirts, hoodies, hats – you name it, you can sell it. We take care of payments, shipping, and more.


Event Manager lets you create and advertise club events, including new season registrations, fundraising programs, galas and award dinners, and more. Built-in calendar, Google Maps, and payment forms make events a snap.


Club eStore lets you create and sell branded club gear, spirit wear, and specialty merchandise. Every sale nets the club a share of the sales revenue, Booster Pro handles the fulfillment, making the store a powerful and painless new fundraising tool.


Registration Tools allow you to quickly and easily create, publish, and invite members to complete online registration forms, accept secure payments, and get detailed reporting.

1. Sign up, it’s free!

When you sign up for your free BoosterPro account, you automatically get a unique web address just for your club. This is where all of your free tools live – registration forms, events, club eStore and more. Your personalized BoosterPro dashboard gives you easy access to all the tools you need. Upload your members’ email addresses and drive communications directly to your site. It’s your one-stop shop!

Already have a club website? No problem. You can simply link our BoosterPro tools to your existing website. We’ll show you how!

2. Customize your site

Customizing your BoosterPro site is fast and simple. Our intuitive, easy-to-use setup Wizard will guide you through the process of adding your club name, logo, choosing a color scheme and more. You can even add your own content, photos and more.

You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes!

3. Activate your tools

Once your BoosterPro site has been customized to your expectations, it’s time to turn on the different tools and functionality you want for your club site. Yep, it’s as easy as clicking a button and then customizing each of those tools to your specific needs.

Once again, our setup wizard will help you through the process, whether it’s to create registration forms, build an event, or open your eStore. You can just as easily deactivate a tool once you no longer need it. Just click and turn it off! BoosterPro gives you complete control.

4. Publish your site

Make your site public with the click of a button. Once your site is live, you can still make changes at any time and on any part of the site.

Use your password-protected dashboard to keep track of your site’s activities, including registrations, event activity and, most important, fundraising results.

5. Communicate and promote!

When you’re ready to communicate with your members and promote your club activities, events, and fundraising store, use our integrated email communication system to reach out and link back to those tools.

Then log into your dashboard to track opens, clicks and responses. Finally, all your data in one easy system. Export and print for easy sharing.

So how does BoosterPro make money?

1. Registration fees

BoosterPro is designed so that we only make money when you do. Which means we receive a small percentage – 5% – of any registration transactions accepted through the system. If nobody registers, we don’t receive a penny, but you still enjoy access to all of our tools and functionality.

Then log into your dashboard to track opens, clicks and responses. Finally, all your data in one easy system. Export and print for easy sharing.

2. Store Transactions

Every BoosterPro store that opens comes pre-stocked with a wide variety of merchandise from vendors we have vetted and ironed out revenue-sharing relationships with. Which means you don’t have to do a thing other than accept payment for any purchase made!

We’ve also worked it out so that BoosterPro receives a percentage of the sale depending on what has been negotiated – some percentages are more, some less.

So what are you waiting for?

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