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Want to design and sell your own club uniforms, spirit wear, and fundraising merchandise? Need to let your members easily register and pay online? Are your club events a labor-intensive nightmare? BoosterPro solves these and a lot of other challenges plaguing booster clubs, PTAs, and school groups. And did we mention it’s all FREE?

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Every year booster clubs across the country give up tens of millions – yes, millions – of dollars worth of potential fundraising revenue because they outsource their uniforms, spirit wear, and other merchandise to outside vendors. BoosterPro lets you, your coaches, volunteers and supporters design your own gear, market and sell it with a healthy share of the revenue. We even take care of the production and fulfillment!


Create, publish, and promote events of every kind, including new sports seasons, fundraisers, galas, and more. Every event comes with a calendar, scheduler, and secure online payment system. Features include multiple event types, embedded calendar and start/stop times, repeat events, image and content editor, multiple participant support, embedded Google Maps, and secure payment processing.


Open your own club store stocked with thousands of items. A percentage of every sale goes to your club. You also can sell your own club-branded gear, spirit wear, and specialty merchandise. Features include thousands of pre-stocked items, custom categories, integrated shipping and tax calculators, SKU and other retailer supports, and detailed backend reporting.


Easily create online forms that allow club members, participants, volunteers and others to register themselves or others and make secure payments. Use these forms on your existing club site or as part of a new site. Features include multiple form types, medical questionnaires, multi-attendee/participant support, and encrypted financial processing with weekly funds disbursements.


“BoosterPro made it much easier to set up and manage our Little League fundraiser golfing event. The tools are easy to use and BoosterPro was very responsive in ensuring everything was working correctly.”




From the BoosterBlog

2001, 2017

Why the Big Shortage in Referees?

By most measures, the number of qualified, sanctioned referees is falling across the county, and this shortage is impacting youth sports at all levels. In Kansas, for example, the numbered of registered basketball referees has dropped from 2,027 in 2013 to 1,887 in 2015. A small decrease, you might think, until you realize how many games those missing 140 officials could work in a given year. The numbers are similar across the country. In Tennessee, the number of high school football game officials declined

701, 2017

Why Kids Quit Sports

Another year behind us and the statistics regarding children's participation in sports continue to take a grim turn: namely, downward. By age 13, a staggering 70 percent of kids bail out on organized sports - a troubling trend for a number of reasons. Why are so many kids saying good-bye to sports? Depending on the source, there are a number of reasons, foremost among them: No Longer Fun Anyone who has played organized sports knows that with each passing year the

2909, 2015

STEM and Arts Equals the Best Education

Hardly a day goes by that parents aren't reminded in ways large and small the degree to which their children must pursue STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) if they are to have any real shot at life. But overlooked in this narrative are the equally critical courses - art, music, dance, theatre, band, speech, etc. - that develop the other hemisphere of the brain, the one largely responsible for a child's emotional intelligence. A generation ago, Daniel Goleman captured

2309, 2015

Exercise is Key to Academic Success

It's the time of year when millions of kids are back in school and their parents once again are fretting over how best to keep their kids' grades up. Turns out, there's one simple trick that is almost certain to help: exercise. Yes, exercise is key to academic success. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), kids who get a steady diet of vigorous exercise are twice as likely to get As as their more sedentary counterparts (we're talking As and Bs vs

1509, 2015

Why Women Make Great Coaches

Close your eyes, picture just about any youth sport practice or game, and who is pacing the sideline? A man, right? And while it's true that most youth coaches are indeed men, it turns out that in many ways women actually make better coaches. In this post we look at why women make great youth coaches and the impediments many see standing in their way. First, the numbers. Despite the country's success in getting more girls involved


“BoosterPro has made it so nice and simple for us to become Gondos! Our migration from the old system was easy and your people have been wonderful to work with. Thank you!”