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Want to design and sell your own club uniforms, spirit wear, and fundraising merchandise? Need to let your members easily register and pay online? Are your club events a labor-intensive nightmare? BoosterPro solves these and a lot of other challenges plaguing booster clubs, PTAs, and school groups. And did we mention it’s all FREE?

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A Complete Booster Club Solution


Every year booster clubs across the country give up tens of millions – yes, millions – of dollars worth of potential fundraising revenue because they outsource their uniforms, spirit wear, and other merchandise to outside vendors. BoosterPro lets you, your coaches, volunteers and supporters design your own gear, market and sell it with a healthy share of the revenue. We even take care of the production and fulfillment!


Create, publish, and promote events of every kind, including new sports seasons, fundraisers, galas, and more. Every event comes with a calendar, scheduler, and secure online payment system. Features include multiple event types, embedded calendar and start/stop times, repeat events, image and content editor, multiple participant support, embedded Google Maps, and secure payment processing.


Open your own club store stocked with thousands of items. A percentage of every sale goes to your club. You also can sell your own club-branded gear, spirit wear, and specialty merchandise. Features include thousands of pre-stocked items, custom categories, integrated shipping and tax calculators, SKU and other retailer supports, and detailed backend reporting.


Easily create online forms that allow club members, participants, volunteers and others to register themselves or others and make secure payments. Use these forms on your existing club site or as part of a new site. Features include multiple form types, medical questionnaires, multi-attendee/participant support, and encrypted financial processing with weekly funds disbursements.


“BoosterPro made it much easier to set up and manage our Little League fundraiser golfing event. The tools are easy to use and BoosterPro was very responsive in ensuring everything was working correctly.”




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1708, 2015

5 Advantages to Online Registrations

It's hard to believe that here in the 21st century so many booster clubs and school sites are still depending on PDF attachments, lawn signs, and spreadsheets for registering and managing their members. Fortunately, BoosterPro makes it possible for these clubs not only to modernize, but to do so with a minimum of effort or interruption to operations. Indeed, BoosterPro actually simplifies volunteers' lives by switching these normally labor-intensive, manual processes and shifting them online where they can be more

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3 Reasons Online Events Rock

If the soul of a booster club is its young participants and its heart the volunteers who help to manage things, it might be said that events are the muscle the power things. After all, booster clubs are built around events, be they games, tournaments, matches, productions, presentations, galas, fundraisers, and so on. In short, events are incredibly important to booster clubs. Yet all too often these clubs still depend on outdated modes for setting up, communicating and managing events.

1108, 2015

6 Reasons Kids Quit Clubs

Left to their own devices, most kids will quit something the moment it becomes difficult, they are no longer having fun, or a shinier object comes along to distract them. Whether it's violin lessons, a sport, or Girl Scouts, kids can be quick to quit. Which begs the question: when should parents intervene? After all, quitting isn't always a bad thing. As career counselor and Quistic founder Penelope Trunk points out, allowing kids to make the decision to quit for the right

408, 2015
  • basketball is #1 youth sport

10 Reasons Basketball is Kids’ #1 Sport

Did you know that America's most popular youth sport is basketball? And that this applies to both boys and girls? In fact, basketball is now even more popular than hockey in Canada! According to ESPN and other sports organizations, more than 550,000 boys are playing on school teams alone (i.e. we're not including private and community-based clubs). Throw in the 450,000-plus girls and you've got more than a million kids playing school basketball. What makes these numbers especially impressive is how rigorous

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7 Reasons Kids Need Theatre

Children are natural born actors. Watch them at play in the backyard, playground, or their bedrooms and you'll see kids using their vivid imaginations to invent new worlds and their roles in them. Theatre, drama classes, and acting in general are terrific for young minds eager to navigate and make sense of the world and their place in it. Besides the enjoyment of engaging in creative play, the dramatic arts provide many immediate and lifelong benefits for your child. Expanded


“BoosterPro has made it so nice and simple for us to become Gondos! Our migration from the old system was easy and your people have been wonderful to work with. Thank you!”