29 09, 2015

STEM and Arts Equals the Best Education

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Hardly a day goes by that parents aren't reminded in ways large and small the degree to which their children must pursue STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) if they are to have any real shot at life. But overlooked in this narrativeĀ are the equally critical courses - art, music, dance, theatre, band, speech, etc. - that develop the other hemisphere of the brain, the one largely responsible for a child's emotional intelligence. A generation ago, Daniel Goleman captured the nation's attention with his groundbreaking book on emotional intelligence. In it, Goleman argued that

28 07, 2015

7 Reasons Kids Need Theatre

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Children are natural born actors. Watch them at play in the backyard, playground, or their bedrooms and you'll see kids using their vivid imaginations to invent new worlds and their roles in them. Theatre, drama classes, and acting in general are terrific for young minds eager to navigate and make sense of the world and their place in it. Besides the enjoyment of engaging in creative play, the dramatic arts provide many immediate and lifelong benefits for your child. Expanded Perception As a rule, actors must take on new personas that require them to speak,

8 06, 2015

Student-Athletes Are Doubly Accomplished

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Kind of a goofy headline, but what we mean is that students who also participate in sports, theater, band or some other extracurricular activity enjoy twice the sense of accomplishment of kids who only engage in academics. And that's good news for their development as well as a predictor for future success and a sense of well-being. Have we sold you yet? We're not trying to, of course, but think about it: healthy, intelligent, well-rounded, confident kids aren't just good for themselves, they're good for local communities, society, and the world at-large. The simple -